A Global Group present
in over 70 Countries in the World
A wide Global Group with a deep background of 40 years experience in the field, aimed at answering to the needs of each specific market.


G.I. HOLDING Group operates through its Industrial Companies:

Group Headquarters, Manufacturing and Trading Company based in Italy, especially focused on Eurasian and North & South African Regions.

Sales Office:
- Rivignano Teor ITALY. Company Headquarters & Eurasia and North & South Africa Regional Office.

Manufacturing Facilities:
- Rivignano Teor ITALY. Liquid Chillers.
- Piove di Sacco ITALY. Close Control Systems.

Manufacturing Company based in Hungary.

Manufacturing Facility:
- Biatorby HUNGARY. Air Handling Units, Packaged Roof Top units & Fan Coil units.

Manufacturing and Trading Company based in Malaysia, especially focused on Asia Pacific Region.

Sales Office:
- Klang MALAYSIA. Company Headquarters & Asia Pacific Regional Office.

Manufacturing Facility:
- Klang MALAYSIA. Liquid Chillers, Fan Coil units, Ducted Split Systems, Air Handling Units & Packaged Roof Top units.

Trading Company based in the United Arab Emirates, aimed at supporting Sales and Service activities on Middle Eastern and Central African markets.

Sales Office:
- Dubai U.A.E. Middle East and Central Africa Regional Office.