Special size Air Handling Units
47 models
Airflow: 650 - 84,170 cfm (1,100 - 143,000 m3/h).

Units with reduced height or width for special installation needs.
  • CTA FLAT: 23 models with reduced height
  • CTA SQUARED: 24 models with reduced width
  • In addition, any size can be
    customised on request
  • Ideal solutions for roof or
    narrow spaces positioning
    and to avoid any disturbance
    on building aesthetics
  • All internal components
    are optimised accordingly, to
    reach high power and high
    energy efficiency

The insulation can be in polyurethane foam or mineral wool of 25 or 50 mm thicknesses, for the highest energy efficiency.
CTA FLAT and CTA SQUARED are available in the Standard version, in the Sanix version with smooth easily washable interiors and fully washable sections and components, or in the specific version featuring Thermal Break for maximum efficiency even with high temperature and humidity conditions.